Instantly discover profitable insights hidden in your spreadsheets without any technical skills.

Polymer Search’s revolutionary AI tool transforms static data from spreadsheets into searchable and interactive visual apps in seconds. Stop spending hours staring at endless tables and start extracting actionable intelligence right away. No coding or high-priced data scientists needed.

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200+ companies love Polymer

“We used Polymer to convert nearly 100 spreadsheets into a single directory that’s easy to filer and search. It would’ve taken months to build this ourselves.”

Roger Lee
Creator /

“Polymer’s innovation to spreadsheet data is similar to how it felt going from calculator to spreadsheet.”

Phil Neches
Founder of Teradata

“It’s like magic! Any spreadsheet I upload shows up as a graphic app that helps me connect the dots and find new insights that were invisible before.”

With easy-to-use search and discovery tools such as the Segment Browser, Interactive Grids & Cards, and Instant Text Search, Polymer gives both the data-savvy and non-techies alike the power to quickly make sense of their spreadsheets. Save time and speed up adoption by understanding your data on a deeper level like never before.

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How it works


Simple Data Connection

Upload your CSV or Excel spreadsheet, or connect your files from Dropbox, Airtable, Google Sheets, and other cloud sources with a few clicks.


Instant Visual Reports

In a few seconds, Polymer creates live and interactive reports with engaging visuals such as heatmaps, bar charts, and time series instead of stale spreadsheet tables.


No-Code Data Analysis

Dig deep into your datasets with smart search & querying by tag functions, or use Polymer’s AI algorithm to auto-suggest new insights. Then easily share the results with your team with no technical knowledge required.

Make Effective Data-Driven Decisions Derived from Your Spreadsheets Regardless of Industry.

No matter which industry you are in, Polymer’s intelligent algorithm breaks down your datasets to see what’s really working and helps you discover new ways to improve performance. Whether it’s finding the true driver behind last month’s sales surge for an e-com vendor, defining the ideal buyer persona across multiple segments for a content publisher, or helping a digital marketer to maximize his ad spend by pinpointing key performance outliers; Polymer empowers businesses of all types to make better decisions quickly and without any technical knowledge.

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AI Search & Discovery Tools So Advanced and Easy-To-Use, You Will Never Go Back to Pivot Tables or Ctrl+F again.

Conduct complex data queries with ease with powerful search functions such as instant text searches that break down results by columns you can jump to with a single click, visual & interactive querying with clickable tags, and a smart Segment Browser that automatically creates categories with bucketed values for easy scanning. Best of all, Polymer’s AI capabilities are designed to interface flawlessly with any type of dataset: directories, inventories, CRM leads, job boards, sports databases, curated links, government information—the possibilities are endless!

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Share Insights With Your Team In a Flash, No Coding Needed.

Save your newly discovered info with just one click and quickly share it with others via either an email link or by embedding it directly on your website. Why not spruce it up by including a few graphical charts with fully interactive views? It takes only a few seconds to create bar charts, time series, heatmaps, and more. You also have full control over its visibility including password protection if needed. The recipients receive a live web view that they can conduct further queries on and collaborate with you. 100% superb teamwork, zero lines of code.

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Polymer Search democratizes data to get the answers you need without the complexity.

“Complex aspects of my data were made obvious in ways I’ve never experienced before. Polymer’s approach is refreshing and game-changing.”

Greg Badros
Former VP of ads at Google and Facebook

Start using Polymer Search AI data tool right now for free.

See for yourself how fast and easy it is to unmask valuable insights from your spreadsheets and massively accelerate product adoption.

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“My clients craved a simple yet robust data analysis tool, and I had to do something about it.”

Ash Gupta
Co-Founder and CEO PolymerSearch
“When I was at Google, I had the privilege of working with some of the largest advertisers in the world. I saw firsthand how difficult and confusing data-driven marketing can be. Not everyone knows advanced skills like how to write SQL queries or do statistical analysis. That’s why I decided to create Polymer Search—to help anyone extract exactly what is driving their performance metrics or ad spend, at any level of detail, and without special data science knowledge.”

Polymer Is Changing the Game of Data Analysis!

“Polymer made it super easy to create a searchable archive of the Data Elixir newsletter. Polymer changes the game.”

Lon Rieseberg
founder at Data Elixir

“You can literally ask any question about a dataset and get an answer. I think the world’s been waiting for this for a long time.“

Erik Fogg
Co-founder @ ProdPerfect